What happens after an arrest for dui

Step 1. Take the chemical test after the arrest.

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What happens if you get a DUI?

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Fighting For Your Driving Privileges

If you are unable to meet with us in our Fresno office, we will come to your location. Spanish translation is available upon request. This is completely separate from the criminal case which is handled in court.

Fighting For Your Driving Privileges If you do not act at once to schedule a DMV hearing, you lose your opportunity, and your license will be automatically suspended. This varies greatly by state, judge and circumstances and is often granted only with participation in an education program or by showing a family hardship. You may also have to show proof of liability insurance to get your license back.

Many lawyers limit their practice to drunk driving, know the system and may provide a free consultation. Find a DUI attorney in your area.

7 Things to expect after getting a DUI

By continuing to use FreeAdvice. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. However, the Birchfield case indicates that they can't take your blood without a search warrant. These things are up in the air right now in Florida because Florida does not allow a search warrant to be issued for blood in a misdemeanor case.

What Will Occur after a DUI Arrest in New Jersey?

The other situation in which the police can ask for blood is if there is reasonable cause to believe a person was driving while under the influence and that person shows up at a hospital, clinic, or a medical facility for treatment, and a breath or urine test is impractical or impossible. There is also no basis in Florida law to charge someone with a criminal charge for refusing a blood test, unless there is a warrant.

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