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Continue reading to learn how to get a certified birth certificate and find out who is eligible to apply for a birth certificate in Massachusetts. You can only get certified birth certificates in Massachusetts when you order a regular birth certificate copy from the RVRS. A certified birth record is issued regardless of your reason for requesting one.

However, you can also request a record of birth prior to adoption. A pre-adoption birth record will always be an uncertified copy. Two additional types of birth records in Massachusetts include a delayed certificate of birth and an amended record. A delayed birth record is a record that is established more than days after the event of a birth.

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If your MA birth certificate was not filed within one year of your birth, then the RVRS can help you establish a delayed certificate. Similarly, if your birth certificate contains mistakes, then the RVRS can correct these mistakes for you and issue a corrected record.

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Once a corrected or delayed record has been created, the application process for obtaining a duplicate is similar to the process for obtaining a regular record. Massachusetts birth certificates are open to the public in most circumstances. However, a birth certificate will be restricted from the public if the child was born out of wedlock. Additionally, if a child was adopted, his or her birth record prior to adoption is not available to the public. When a child is born out of wedlock, only the child, the parents, a legal guardian or a legal representative can apply for the record.

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If the father is not listed on the vital record, then he may only apply with documentation supporting his paternity. The original birth records of an adopted child can only be accessed by the child, an adoptive parent or an adoptive guardian. The birth records of children born to married parents are generally available for anyone to obtain.

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A Massachusetts birth certificate application can be submitted through the mail or in person. You may also apply for a birth record over the phone by calling the RVRS and giving your information. However, research cannot be conducted over the phone. In other words, if you do not know the year in which an event occurred, you cannot apply over the phone. Massachusetts birth certificate applications are not accepted online directly from the RVRS.

Massachusetts provides a standard vital record application that can be used to obtain a birth, death or marriage record.

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When completing the birth certificate form, you will need to have some basic information on hand, as well as a form of payment. With your MA birth certificate application, be sure to include:. The fees for obtaining a birth record in Massachusetts vary based on the application method you choose. Furthermore, you will pay a fee for each birth certificate copy you request in addition to the initial copy.

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Sign In. Birth Certificates Obtaining a Birth Certificate The Town Clerk's Office is responsible for original records of all births that have occurred to parents residing in Lincoln at the time of the birth. In Person To pick up certificates in person, please order your certificates by phone and they will be prepared in advance of your arrival.

Walk-in requests are also accepted; you may wait while the certificates are prepared. By Mail To receive certificates by mail, send a check or money order payable to: Town of Lincoln. Your request should include the name and date of birth, a contact telephone or email address, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

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