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The impact of impaired driving will be felt by two out of every three people in their life time. MADD team members work tirelessly to end impaired driving but they are not superheroes; we need your help.

For our efforts to be truly impactful, we need community involvement. Come and join us and support with your precious time.

The crackdown is part of a Mothers Against Drunk Driving campaign head of Labor Day weekend

You will make the difference, even for just one hour or one day a year. Help us end impaired driving.

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PowerTalk21 is April 21st of every year. It is our designated day to have a meaningful conversation with that youth in your life about the consequences of underage drinking and the importance of abstaining from alcohol until after their 21st birthday.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

The younger a child consumes any amount of alcohol dramatically increases their chances of suffering from one of the many alcohol issues or ailments. Please help us get the word out.

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Go to MADD. Describe your work as it relates to combating impaired driving in the state. Describe your program. Beginning in , MADD embarked on a five-year plan to reduce the proportion of alcohol-related traffic fatalities by 20 percent by the year This "20 by " campaign was a comprehensive approach that embraced both previous positions and goals and new objectives.

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Five main areas are addressed: youth issues, enforcement of laws, sanctions, self-sufficiency, and responsible marketing and service. By MADD membership had grown to three million people, making it the largest victim-advocate and anti-drunk-driving organization in the United States and the world.

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In addition to local chapters, MADD has state offices in 29 states. Coordination of the organization is handled by a national headquarters staff of approximately 60 individuals located in Irving, Texas, who direct training, seasonal and ongoing education and awareness programs, national fund-raising, media campaigns, and federal and state legislative activities.

The summit was attended by teens representing each of the U. MADD also endorses the use of sobriety checkpoints by law enforcement and lowering the blood alcohol count for drunk driving to.

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As for sanctions, MADD advocates administrative revocation of the licenses of drunk drivers, the confiscation of license plates and vehicles, progressive sanctions for repeat offenders, and mandatory confinement for repeat offenders. The organization wants drunk drivers to pay for the cost of the system that arrests, convicts, and punishes them. Funding for enforcement through fines, fees, and other assessments will make this system self-sufficient.