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I have never had a problem with it fitting down the aisle or in the seats on multiple airlines and airplanes. Great tips and info. What was their controlled crash Claire? Like an on-land or aborted take-off kind of thing?

Leaving on a Jet Plane – The CSFTL Guide to Safe Air Travel with Children

Or up high and crashing in to the ground? Arguably the biggest difference in survival and injury reduction is going to come when comparing emergency stops and the runway crash or aborted take-off kind of things. They recently did an airplane crash test to see how people suffered injuries in a controlled crash. The results were alarming. I actually do believe that a carefully inspected seat — assuming the parent was knowledgeable enough to remove the cover and check for broken foam and discoloration in the plastic, would determine if the seat was still safe or not.

Thank you for posting this well-balanced article that shows the various points of view. Personally, I would always take a car seat on the plane for a child who has a plane ticket. If I cannot afford a ticket for an infant, I am OK with gate checking if the flight is full, but I accept the risks involved.

I have gate checked an infant seat twice and a stroller and in that situation they were handled quite well. In fact, I left my cell phone in the stroller and it fell out on the Tarmac, I think and a flight attendant returned it to me!!! Yes, a child can be bumped and bruised in bad turbulence. Including 2 humans. Anything falling from that height would have to have fallen from the plane in mid-flight. Air traffic control towers are by design the tallest structures at an airport.

Meanwhile the boarding and cargo doors are at most 20 feet off the ground. Certainly nowhere near feet. I think a statement like this gives a false sense of security to parents. I think that with anything regarding air travel nowadays, whatever is out of your sight must be thoroughly inspected. I do wish carseat manufacturers would take a more affirmative stand on the airline use issue in their manuals, like Kecia mentioned, because parents are flying with their children and restraints are recommended to be used by the FAA.

I am completely unconvinced that gate checking unprotected is any better than luggage checking. Thank you for clearing the air on this one. Ingrid Fynn-Thompson August 3, Kecia August 3, Heather August 6, When possible we prefer to take the child seat on the plane because it is easier for the child.

How To Travel With A Car Seat in 12222

In the alternative, most car rental agencies in the US do rent acceptable car seats. There is an additional daily charge, and I have always thought it was worth it to bring our own. You should certainly check with the agency you are using so you can determine if you want to pay for one in the US or risk bringing your own. I don't think the rental car company will supply the base you need. That would be part of the car seat and they generally rent them as a unit.

Think of it like a game of Tetris-- you load bags in the most space efficient manner leaving as little open space as possible.. On a wide-body, like the B you use those aluminum container correctly called a Unit Load Device or ULD and the same concept about loading applies.. You try to load as many bags as you can into the ULD-- therefore you'd leave off until the end, things that are odd-sized or shaped as they'd hurt you when it comes to space maximization. Naturally, this is no guarantee that can't or won't be damaged as bags can shift in flight , they can get caught in mechanical belts and conveyers, etc.

I've seen some parents put the seat in a box-- but as boxes are crush-able-- I'm no so sure this is a real value-added in terms of damage prevention. I'd say on the statistical side, you'd have a low odds of damage.. The risk of damage is less about whether the seat is obviously broken, and more about the fact that any impact to the seat can weaken the plastic, rendering it no longer crash worthy. This is why a seat that's been in a single accident, even if it shows no signs of damage, is no longer usable; the plastic may be weakened enough to render it unsafe in the next crash.

How to wheel 1 or 2 Car Seats around the Airport

If the seat is dropped, tossed, or has any sort of pressure put on it in the hold, or while loading or unloading, it will no longer be considered crash worthy, and since you have no way of knowing how it was handled, you won't know whether it's crash worthy or not. I would never check a car seat unless it was in the original box with packaging material, to protect it from those sorts of forces. We always buy a seat for the child and an airline approved carseat, thereby avoiding checking the seat and assuring we have a safe one for the child on the other end.

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Car rental companies are notorious for having old, dirty and unknown crash and recall status carseats. I would not leave your child's safety in either the airline or rental agency's hands. We have not purchased an airline seat as she is young enough to ride in the sky cot.

First things first, do kids really need to be in car seats on a plane?

We will have to check the car seat, I have checked with the airline. Thank you for all your comments, for those who take car seats with them, do you take the base unit too? Can the car seat be installed in a car without the base? If not, then take the base. Mine 13 years ago could be used without the base, so I didn't take the base. I would not expect the car rental company to have a compatible base. I recommend checking it in at the gate prior to boarding as it is less likely to be damaged.

Also remember that you can use any car seat except a booster seat on the airplane as long as it is FAA approved. The two car seats below are the only ones I recommend for travel because they are both lightweight and have much higher weight limits so your kids will use it for a while.

Travelling with infants | On board | Family travel | Emirates

The Doona Infant Car Seat and latch base is one of the best car seats for infants that has been made so far. The Donna Infant travel car seat has wheels so it can convert from a stroller to a car seat within seconds. The weight limit on this car seat is from 4lbs to 33lbs.

The Safety 1st Guide 65 is another perfect travel car seat weighing only 14 pounds.

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  • This car seat is a popular travel car seat because it can be used rear facing on an airplane for children pounds and inches as well as forward facing for children pounds and inches. If you have a child under 2 years old who is still rear facing, I suggest you purchase this car seat for travel. It is light weight at only 11 pounds it is perfect for travel.

    This car seat can fit children from pounds. Children have to be pounds and inches to use the 5 point harness; and pounds and inches to use it as a booster seat. The cup holders are an additional plus. If you are traveling with an infant and plan to fly with an infant car seat, make sure that the car seat is FAA approved prior to your trip. Carrying a car seat through the airport with an infant in it can be hard on the arms, so make sure you have a stroller that the infant car seat can attach to. You can take both the car seat and the stroller to the gate and gate check it.

    If you scroll down below you can read more below on gate checking car seats. It is very compact, weighs 1 pound, very easy to install, adjustable and can fit most airplane seats. The Cares Safety Restraint System is designed for children over 1 year of age. The weight limit is 22 — 44 pounds and up to 40 inches tall. When Aiden is sleeping or tired, my husband or I pull him in it, and when he is awake, he pulls it himself.

    There are several different types depending on the type of car seat you have and it makes traveling with a car seat so much easier.

    Before you fly, know your rights!

    For international airlines make sure to double check the requirements prior to purchasing a ticket. Doing this will allow you to be hands free as you navigate through the airport. However, there is a much higher chance of your car seat getting damaged by TSA speaking from experience.

    So, do car seats need to be installed differently on planes?

    And it is no fun if your expensive car seat gets damaged. When you ticket counter check in your car seat, it will be available for pick up in the baggage claim area. If you do plan on taking your car seat past security, but not using it on the plane, then your option will be to gate check your car seat. I much prefer to gate check when we fly with car seats and I recommend it because the gate agents will carry your car seat from the gate right to the airplane baggage compartment.

    This means that your car seat is less likely to get damaged in the process. When you gate check your car seat, you have to carry it on the jet bridge all the way to the gate of the plane. When your flight lands and you deplane, it will be available for pick up in the same place where you left it.