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But setting aside the complexity of dividing your marital assets, the more contentious a divorce is, the more expensive it will be. So the best way for you to control the cost of your divorce is by finding as many things that you and your spouse can agree on. When you leave a meeting with a potential divorce attorney, you should have a good idea of what you should do next to move forward with your divorce, some advice on how to proceed, and a good understanding of the potential consequences of potential action you might consider taking.

I understand that divorce can be a difficult time. That's why I work hard to offer my clients a caring, compassionate atmosphere. I have a team of domestic relations professionals working with me to give you top-notch service while we aggressively assert your rights, and help guide you and you and your family through what can be a stressful time. Fisher today to schedule a free initial consultation. Call , email, or complete our online form.

What percentage of your practice is devoted to divorce or other family law matters? How long have you been in practice, and how long have you been handling divorce cases?

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What do you think the total cost for my case will be? What other expenses do you think will be involved?

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What is your fee structure? How quickly can I expect you to return my phone call? How would you handle my case, and how long do you think it will take to resolve? How can I keep the cost of my divorce down? In this digital age, options abound for maintaining a strong attorney-client relationship.

From email to social media and even specially designed apps, a variety of online and mobile resources are available.

The downside of this digital environment? It can be tough to keep everything straight. Each attorney maintains a slightly different system of communication. Some prefer traditional phone-based and in-person interactions. Others are happy to experiment with digital solutions in hopes of improving access and response rates. Ultimately, you should feel confident that your attorney will respond promptly and respectfully to your concerns via the proper channels.

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Your initial consultation could play a key role in the quality of your relationship with your divorce lawyer in Florida — and in the ultimate outcome of your divorce. This is your opportunity to determine who will be your best advocate throughout the divorce process. Are you ready to get started with your divorce? Attorney John F.

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These five questions might help if you ask before hiring a divorce lawyer in Florida: 1. Do you specialize in divorce? Obviously, this saves a lot of time and money because the most expensive and time consuming parts of a divorce revolve around preparing and fighting in court.

The best first step to working towards an amicable uncontested divorce is making a priority list of what you need and what you want out of your divorce and getting the Florida divorce help and advice that you need to get there while avoiding the battlefield. The fight may be over child custody or property division, and these issues can turn what could be an uncontested matter into a disagreement that forces you into court.

With highly trained Florida divorce attorneys on your side, you have the opportunity to get what you deserve. When one spouse believes that they should have custody of the children, a bigger portion of the savings, or the marital home, disagreement can quickly turn into a battle royale. This is when it pays to have the right Florida divorce advice to put you on the path to getting you exactly what you deserve. During a divorce, nothing fuels the fire for a battle more than contested child custody issues.

This parental responsibility is either awarded on a joint or a sole basis along with a time sharing agreement. There are differences between sole and shared parental responsibility what used to be known as sole custody or joint custody in Florida divorce cases. When a parent is granted sole parental responsibility, they are the parent that makes normal everyday decisions without speaking with the other parent.

This also includes issues such as the school the child attends and what doctor or dentist the child will see for their checkups. Florida divorce judges will grant one party sole parental responsibility sole custody if they believe that granting joint parental responsibility will be harmful to the child. This can be based on many different factors, but commonly is done because of past domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, and other actions that have been or would be reasonably likely to cause harm to the child.

Florida divorce courts do attempt to grant shared parental responsibility joint custody whenever possible though. Whether the court orders shared or sole parental responsibility, they will order a time-sharing schedule to be put in place. This is commonly known as a visitation schedule or a parenting plan.

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This will be a set schedule giving specific days of the week and times for overnight or other periods of parenting time for both parents. The time-sharing schedule will then be approved by the Florida divorce judge and it will be memorialized as a written court order that must be followed.

Florida alimony laws provide for different types of alimony to be paid in different situations. A Florida divorce judge will decide which type of alimony, if any, applies to your specific case by taking into account numerous factors, including all sources of income of each party, the age and physical abilities of each party, the standard of living during the marriage, and the length of the marriage, to name of a few of the important factors. Florida alimony laws are currently in a state of flux at the moment, big changes may be on the horizon.

Because Florida divorce laws allow for permanent alimony in some instances, it is essential that an individual going through a divorce speaks with an experienced expert Florida divorce attorney to get the family law advice and help they need.