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The most you can do at this point is, pending his confirmation, i'm not sure how long the probation period is in your organization , you can run some background check on him, most likely starting with his previous employer and referees, in my organization we ask for individual professional references.

Sometimes gaps in employment may be explained by the fact that certain idividuals take up short term employement or go self-employed which they either omit do not want to capture on their CVs. We have 3 levels of interviews which i believe helps check for inconsistencies. Please don't be in a hurry to pull the plug before confirming him, ensure you do a proper and satisfactory due deligence.

Hi John, Why would you care now, and why would it matter? Even though the individual is employed, you may still check on the information provided as part of the employment process.

Background Checks on Job Applications: What to know

But on what grounds? There are no grounds to do this afterwards. Long post: I apologize for not reading all the posts from this theme. Feel free to let me know if my post is really off topic. This caught my eye in particular because for the past 2 years I have been trying to help people find work. Many employers are intentionally overlooking employees who have been out of work, discarding their resumes and applications. Fortunately, his is now getting national attention. There are great candidates who continue to do all the right things to get hired but are being set aside.

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We need to recognize that some candidates are "fudging" their resumes. They are not putting down all their degrees or education. They are disguising the length of time out of work by calling themselves consultants or not showing the dates without employment. They are downplaying their skills. These may be highly talented and ethical people who are responding to desperate times.

This is being manifested in these "abnormal" behaviors for them. Please consider their situation. Steve Learning to Enrich Lives "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better. Some name. HR Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up. John, I agree with other respondents. You should talk to this employee and ask for more clarification. Document the conversation.

What are the Penalties for Falsely Obtaining Insurance Benefits While Working?

Regards, Murray T. Murray Trepel.

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March 05, PM. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later. Hi John, You can gauge a lot by doing ref checks, also - do look at the experience letter provided.. Regards, Sunayana.

Falsely Obtaining Unemployment Insurance Benefits While Working

March 05, AM. Good luck!! Hi John, You have already hired this person which is a positive thing in terms of the required skills and competency except if your recruitment process needs to be more firm. Ayuba Gadzama. Classic example of one size definitely doesn't fit all, the approach is clearly aimed at permanent employees. In this case by the nature of contracting if we're asked to demonstrate that we're in "employment" 12 months of the year not only is it factually incorrect many Agents don't get that a MyCo Ltd director is on a salary too it's impractical and rather daft.

What they call a personal reference has no value as it's just the word of a mate that as far as the Agent knows is a professional con man. Just process for process sake. Yes, its another example of how agents and clients in particular see contractors as 'employees.

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They'll continue to see and treat contractors this way. People need to refuse to provide this guff but as usual, they cave in like a chocolate teapot. Get a friend with a decent job who has known you for at least 5 years to say as far as they know you are a decent person.

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Decent jobs are basically any job where information can be found about the person on a register e. They won't however say what I was doing between contracts as they wouldn't remember and why should they? Last edited by SueEllen; 29th March at Who said you were unemployed? You were the director of your company.


Originally Posted by FatLazyContractor. No, i wasnt running a ltd at the time, and its a contracting job. I'm fairly pissed off with this crap, as others have said all you need is a friend to say 'yes, you were unemployed' which is pointless, meaningless, and unproveable.

Originally Posted by cojak. Pre-employment screening is getting stricter these days, certainly for permies which I guess you are? I've had to provide personal references for being out of contract for longer than 28 days, so I don't know why you think 8 months unusual. That's easily long enough for you to have been detained at Her Majesty's pleasure.

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