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If you get something wrong, the consequences can be fatal. Browse older posts. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube. Toggle navigation Call ASM. To help, below is a guide on buying replacement car parts. First things first, which parts can I buy? Should I really go second-hand, or would new be better? As with most things there are pluses and minuses to both.

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Looking to buy car parts? Click here to take a look at our range How do I obtain the correct car part? Part codes — on some occasions, the part itself will have a code, though you might need to dig through the dirt and grease to see it. Where can I find the right parts?

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So, here are a few other options to consider: Your own local scrap yards. Important decisions to make include deciding on the location of your business, the products you will offer, your target market and the size of your business. Understand your target market, and what kind of products they want.

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Identify and study your competition. Assess the competition at your proposed location. Through carefully studying your competition and customer trends you will find a gap in the market and also find ways to offer better services.

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You should also have a good motor spares business plan before you venture into this business. Location is a big factor in determining the success of your auto spare parts business. You should locate your auto parts store business in a place where there are many people with cars. It would be unwise to locate your motor spares store business in a rural area which has few car owners. People can always come to your motor spares store because of the quality service and the type of parts you provide.

You will need premises which include the auto spares store, back offices, and a warehouse for your products. Your premises should have sufficient parking space for your customers. Your auto spares business plan should cater for the costs of renting or buying premises. The kind of auto parts products to sell will depend on your target market and business strategy.

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There are different niches you can target. Some specialise with spares for one make eg Toyota spare parts.

Others may choose to specialise in one product line eg cooling systems, suspension parts, braking system, gearboxes, engines etc. Some motor spare businesses in South Africa focus on quick replacement parts eg. You can also sell a variety of products without specialising in anything. The products can be sourced from local suppliers and international suppliers. The number of employees you need will depend on the size of your auto spares store business. This will include the tracking of all transactions and the management of cash flow, and ensuring there are enough funds available to meet the day to day payments.

They are also responsible for inventory control, ensuring that the shop has all the products in stock and in the right quantities, and determining when to place new orders.

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You also require cashiers and shop assistants. Your auto spare parts store business plan should cater for the salaries of your employees. Knowledgeable staff members will add value to your team by helping the customers buy the correct products. There is a wide range of products available at motor spares shops, customers often get confused.

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Anyone can easily find themselves making small blunders by buying the wrong product. If you have inexperienced staff members on your team their training program should focus more on learning about the different products sold in the store so they are able to give informed advice to customers. You should account for all the business cash inflows and cash outflows. When starting your motor spares business, it maybe difficult to stock your store with all products because of limited capital. You can start with quick moving products, and ensure that you reinvest all the money into the business.

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With time, you will be able to stock a variety of products in your auto spares store. Profits will keep rolling into the business if you offer products which are needed by your target market. There is a huge market for auto parts products in South Africa due to the increasing car ownership.

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