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People could be wearing prostheic skin in the next few years. Also covered in Electronic Communication Network. Smithsonian, January 30, A word used in a recently published British medical journal surprised a lot of people.

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National Public Radio, January 30, Connecticut Public Radio, January 4, Also covered in Pysh. Valley News, January 6, Professor and Director of English Regina Barreca discusses the consequences of starting conversations with tantalizing phrases that immediately puts everyone on edge.

Vox, January 4, News Wise, January 14, English professor Regina Barreca puts a comical spin on getting older. The Atlantic, January 18, Professor of Geography Thomas Cooke points out that it can really be looked at in terms of life course, with moving be a next major stage of the journey.

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Psychology Today, January 19, The Register Citizen, January 21, AM radio is seemingly on its way out of Connecticut, with trend of less listeners causing many radio stations to go dark. Journalism Professor Steven Kalb says the radio still has great potential because it caters to such a niche audience where people really care about their local news. The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 20, Syllabus week is stressful for professors too; there is a fine line between including enough information for student success but not so much that it gets thrown in a backpack after the first day without more than the first page having been looked at.

Professor and Director of English Tom Deans writes about the perfect approach to giving students an interesting syllabus. Inside Higher Ed, January 22, A University of Utah student was murdered by her ex-boyfriend after she reached out to police about him harassing her and received no help. Health Day, January 3, A study of nearly middle schoolers in New Haven, Conn. Connecticut Public Radio, January 2, Nicole Wagner and Jordan Greco, with the Farmington-based company LambdaVision, are working with a protein that may one day be used to cure blindness.

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Journal Inquirer, January 1, Science News, January 2, Casey Youngflesh, a post-doctoral research assistant, traversed some of the roughest waters on the ocean to collect poop from penguins. Research shows students are more likely to choose fruit juice over milk or real fruit, meaning less nutrients in their diet. Marlene Schwartz is a professor of human development and family studies and co-author of the recent report released by UConn. Also covered in United Press International. Professor of English, Regina Barreca , discusses nostalgia of loved ones during the holidays, using her own loss and recovery as a tool to show that sentiment can be used to illuminate the dark.

CNN, December 20, Stamford Advocate, December 20, Michael Ego , a professor of human development and family studies, published an Op-ed discussing the transition after a career, pulling research from his thesis and other notable theories. Rivers and streams across the US are becoming increasingly acidic. Gene Likens , a research specialist in ecology and evolutionary biology, says the widespread changes in chemistry are surprisingly quick.

A club called The Confetti Kids spends their second year raising money for foster care children. Connecticut Public Radio, December 28, Oysters in the Long Island sound filter most of the water there, including plastics. Evan Ward , professor of marine sciences at UConn Avery Point, studies the increase of plastics in the ocean, and how microplastics are ending up not just in the bodies of oysters, but humans as well.

Also covered in the Connecticut Post. Thermochron, December 21, Smithsonian Magazine, December 13, Also covered in Live Science. Connecticut Public Radio, October 4, To what extent have physicians and other medical professionals contributed to the stigmatization of obesity? She discusses what responsibilities parents, pediatricians, and educators share in keeping kids healthy and safe. Discover Magazine, December 10, In medical textbooks, the nonpregnant uterus is often described as quiescent, dormant and useless.

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This also appeared in Inside Science. Quartz, December 9, Sarah McAnulty , a Ph. National Geographic, December 10, Colloquium, December 5, Lewis Gordon , professor of philosophy, writes about the life of Mabogo P. More, a South African Philosopher. Huffington Post, December 5, Recognition of weight discrimination in the work place is making its way to the frontline.

Houston Chronicle, December 4, The Verge, December 4, The link was that smoking lead to more risky sexual behavior.

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Research has found that water sources have become saltier from road deicers, fertilizers and other compounds. Living on Earth, November 30, The transcription in the article is the conversation the two had. Human Rights Campaign, November 16, Also covered in Science Blog and Medicine news line. Pacific Standard, November 28, Professor and Director of Philosophy Michael Lynch explores the boundaries between our physical being and technology as an extension of the self.

WSHU, November 26, A study shows that black students who have a black teacher before third grade are more likely to go to college.

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  6. Yahoo, November 26, A company in Boston called Neurable is working on a device that allows the user to control virtual reality simply by thinking about the actions. Also covered in Variety, November 26, National Geographic, November 28, The death of an American missionary who illegally snuck onto an indigenous land in the Andaman Islands is causing controversy over what to do next. The New York Times, November 21, As with the rest of the American health care and education system, the efficacy of cochlear implants is influenced by race, class, disability, access to therapeutic services and specialists, family support system, and the unique physiology, learning style and personality of every user.

    The New York Times, November 16, Historians of the region say such tensions closer to home have made the Japanese government realize how important the past remains as it negotiates its alliances in the present. Quartz India, November 15, Female police officers in India are changing the way violence against women is reported.

    The Daily of the University of Washington, November 15, Associated Press, November 13, Social media has made it easier for trends like dressing your children in matching pajamas easier to catch on. Also covered in the Seattle Times. The Washington Post, November 12, The Atlantic, November 8, Two genetic studies show how the first Native Americans spread through their new continent with incredible speed. This topic was also covered in Science Magazine.

    ESPN, November 5, The former Huskies volleyball player pursued her sport and her academic discipline relentlessly. The Daily Gazette, November 4, New England Cable News, November 3, The political strategies at play add up to a tug of war between Republicans focused on dislike for Malloy and Democrats hoping to capitalize on low regard for President Donald Trump. Council on Foreign Relations, October 31, Although anonymity is generally prized for successful cyber operations, it might not be ideal in all cases, especially if the United States wants to deter an Russia spreading disinformation.

    Bloomburg Business Week, November 1, BBC News, October 29, Associated Press, October 29, A 3-decade-old study of birds in the mountains of Peru has given scientists the chance to study the effects of climate change. National Geographic, October 31, The Atlantic, October 29, A study recreated 30 years later shows a dramatic decline of mountainous bird species in the Peruvian Andes mountains.

    SFGate, October 27, The Washington Times, October 28, Ronald Schurin , a political science associate professor, said Connecticut was one of the places where Republicans thought they had a good chance to switch the governorship from Democratic to Republican. The New York Times, October 29, Political candidates in Connecticut are trying to tie eachother back to the negative influences of Donald Trump in order to sway the voters, but a recent poll shows it may not be working as well as intended. Stamford Advocate, October 29, The Maritime Executive, October 23, The wooden hull is so well-preserved because it lies a mile below the surface of the Black Sea, where an abnormally low level of oxygen in the water slows decay.

    This story was also covered by CNN on October 25, Motherly, October 19, The Herald News, October 20, Rhode Island had two mayors arrested for cash bribes and corruption charges in the same decade. Psychology Today, October 21, Crystal Park , professor of psychological sciences, is referenced for creating a a method to reduce stress through making sense of what traumatic circumstances might mean. The Washington Post, October 19, They have seen crowds in all 50 U. In all, in July, they tallied protests, demonstrations, strikes, marches, sit-ins, rallies and walkouts in all states and the District — except South Dakota.

    The data gives us a useful pool of information to better understand political mobilization in the United States — particularly, how crowd reports change from month to month. Associated Press, October 17, Pieter Visscher , professor of Marine Sciences, says the original study of the fossils was impressive but not convincing. National Public Radio, Inc.

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    China seems to be both advancing and rejecting the past, according to History Professor Alexis Duddin. The Washington Post, October 15, A new study shows that insects populations have decreased by numbers of 40 percent in the last 35 years in some parts of the world. The New York Times, October 15, The debate now becomes whether or not it gives her claim to Native American cultural identity.

    Deborah Bolnick , an associate professor of anthropology who studies Native Americans, says that tribal belonging is established through lived experiences, not genetics. Psychology Today, October 10, A wide range of scientists are doing important work in meaning. Connecticut Public Radio, October 12, A couple of Connecticut political scientists are not surprised by speculation in Washington that former U.

    Ambassador Nikki Haley. Researchers are using the study of psychology to find out what makes life worth living.